Volume 1, 2005-2006

About the Rutherford Journal

Simon Clarke
Rutherford at Canterbury University College

David Anderson, Janet Delve and Hans Pufal
Discovery of a Prototype Hollerith Machine in Paris

Lindsay Barrett and Matthew Connell
Jevons and the Logic 'Piano'

Derek Browne
Konrad Lorenz on Instinct and Phylogenetic Information

Martin Campbell-Kelly
The User-friendly Typewriter

Alan Chalmers
Transforming Atomic Chemistry into an Experimental Science: The Limitations of Dalton’s Theory

Rom Harré
Do Explanation Formats in Chemistry Depend on Agent Causality?

M. Eileen Magnello
Karl Pearson and the Origins of Modern Statistics: An Elastician becomes a Statistician

Diane Proudfoot
A New Interpretation of the Turing Test

Bernard Richards
Turing, Richards and Morphogenesis

Alan Turing and others
The Mind and the Computing Machine

Frode Weierud
Bletchley Park’s Sturgeon, the Fish that Laid No Eggs


Derek Browne
The Evolution of the Human Mind: Darwinian Science or Creation Myth?
Critical Notice of Kim Sterelny, Thought in a Hostile World (2003)