The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (VLJI) is a leading intellectual center for the interdisciplinary study and discussion of issues related to philosophy, society, culture and education. The Institute gives expression to the wide range of opinions in Israel, and takes particular pride in its role as an incubator and creative home for many of the most important civil society efforts to enhance and deepen Israeli democracy.

The VLJI pursues its mandate by employing different methodologies: academic research, public policy analysis, advocacy and civil society projects. Since its founding in 1959, VLJI has initiated or participated in more than 200 different projects, which are clustered broadly under four ‘umbrellas’:

Activities range from the sponsorship of domestic and international conferences, symposia and workshops through the research and publication of periodicals, books and monographs to the initiation of grassroots dialogue and major educational initiatives. Ethnic and religious minorities are encouraged to participate at all levels.

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