Volume 2, 2006-2007

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William Aspray
Den Fujita: From the Japanese Transistor Radio Export Business to Makudonaldo

Lindsay Barrett and Matthew Connell
An Unlikely History of Australian Computing: the Reign of the Totalisator

Margaret Boden
Grey Walter's Anticipatory Tortoises

Cristian S. Calude and Gregory J. Chaitin
A Dialogue on Mathematics and Physics

Charles Care
A Chronology of Analogue Computing

John L. Casti
Why We See the Events We Do and Not Something Else

Bob Doran
The First Automatic Totalisator

Alan Musgrave
The ‘Miracle Argument’ For Scientific Realism


Garry J. Tee
Science on the Map: Places in New Zealand Named After Scientists


Derek Browne
A Science of Morality?
Critical Notice of Marc D. Hauser, Moral Minds (2006)

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