Volume 3, 2010

A Special Issue on the History of Computing
Edited by B. Jack Copeland, Carl Posy, Oron Shagrir, and Parker Bright

In memory of Michael S. Mahoney

William Aspray
The Role of Policy in the Rise of the Indian Software and IT-Enabled Services Industry

Jonathan P. Bowen
A Brief History of Early Museums Online

Frank Carter
The Turing Bombe

B. Jack Copeland
Colossus: Breaking the German 'Tunny' Code at Bletchley Park. An Illustrated History

Leo Corry
Hunting Prime Numbers—from Human to Electronic Computers

Eli Dresner
Turing on Computation, Memory and Behavior

Michael S. Mahoney
The Structures of Computation and the Mathematical Structure of Nature

John McCarthy
Formalizing Common Sense Knowledge in Mathematical Logic

Teresa Numerico
The New Machine: from Logic to Organization

Eli Shamir
Computer Science and Technology in Israel, 1950–1980

Doron D. Swade
Automatic Computation: Charles Babbage and Computational Method


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