Volume 5, 2018

John Bigelow, with Elizabeth Smart and Helen Smart
Obituary of J. J. C. Smart, 1910 - 2012

Robin Bond
The Figure of Prometheus and the Origins of Civilization

Brian Carpenter
A Meeting that Missed its Mark: The Paris Conference of 1951

Jack Copeland
Alan Turing's Lost Notebook

Bob Doran
Henry Hodsdon and his 'Marble' Totalisators

Bob Doran and Andrew Trotman
Preserving Our Heritage: New Zealand-Made Computers

Ovi Chris Rouly
Artificial Intelligence Using P-Type Unorganised Machines

Eric Scerri
How Should the Periodic System be Regarded?

J. J. C. Smart
From Physics to Metaphysics and Back Again

Eric Steinhart
The Existence of Software

Philip Yock
A Perspective on Particle Physics

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